It was my husband’s 35th birthday last week and instead of being very well-organised and crafting gifts at home with kids, I simply left it to the last minute.  Generally, men are very difficult to buy for and I am sure I am not the only one struggling!  My husband didn’t need any more funky socks or underwear, so it was back to the drawing board and getting some last minute presents.

Around a week before his birthday I booked a ride on Brighton BA i360, which is the newest attraction in town.  Completed in August this year, it is a 162-metre observation tower right on the seafront.  I like getting him experience related gifts, as it means we get to spend some time together.  These days it is precious.  The whole experience lasts about 20 minutes and we were very lucky with the weather.  The views were spectacular.

i360 Brighton

When it comes to the actual physical gifts from myself and the boys I think I went through Pinterest a hundred times and could not come up with anything.  Life got too busy to make home made gifts, he doesn’t need another Top Dad mug and a tie.  I blame myself for waiting until last minute but with many on-line retailers offering next-day delivery I managed to get some stuff just in time.  I think the panic set in and I bought a bit too much.  On the other hand I thought to myself – it’s kind of a milestone birthday and husband has done quite well this year in gifts department 🙂

Below is a selection of what I ordered from Amazon where I took advantage of yet another free 1 month Prime trial.  I also had an opportunity to spend some of the vouchers I accumulated over the last few months. It meant, I could order my shopping and have it with me the next day. Perfect for someone so disorganized like me lately.

birthday ideas for men

1. My husband loves anything to do with planes and stars,  my older son is also currently obsessed with The Solar System so this telescope was a no-brainer.  I was hoping we could potentially see the Supermoon earlier this week but it was so cloudy that you could hardly see anything.  It will be a well used “toy” regardless.

2. Those Trainers do not need a whole big paragraph about them but I really liked them and luckily husband did also 🙂 I don’t take over when it comes to his clothes shopping, but whenever I find something I like and I hope he does too, I get it hoping that it will get the seal of approval.

3. He hasn’t got a sweet tooth.  What’s more, whenever I bake I need to almost force him to even try one of my cakes.  However, he loves truffles and those are one of the best ones we have had.

4. This virtual reality headset is probably the coolest thing I purchased.  I even got excited about it and I am not so much into my gadgets.  You simply pop in your mobile phone in, switch it on and it transforms into a 3D reality gaming or viewing experience.  It also has got a Bluetooth activated remote control which is compatible with both iOS and Android as well as doubling up as a wireless mouse and selfie shutter!  At £19,99 it’s a steal and he probably loved it the most out of all of the gifts.  Perfect for a gadget – lover!

Now his birthday is done, I am hoping to get a bit more organised for the festive period.  Not sure about crafting but it is back to the drawing board for me.

I am curious to find out what do you get for your husbands / partners / boyfriends for their birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions?

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  1. Ahhhh thank you so much for these ideas! I’ve been struggling to find anything for my other half for Christmas…he also has an endless supply of funky socks.

    Dani x

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